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What is the future of transportation in Fort Wayne? We have details

“We’re beginning to understand, especially with the way the labor market is, that we need to do a better job at connecting where people live to where the job opportunities are.”
What is the future of transportation in Fort Wayne? We have details
Pedestrian, vehicle, and bus traffic Downtown at the corner of Wayne and Calhoun Streets.

June is National Bike Month, and we’ve seen several public surveys and meetings this month aimed at better understanding transportation challenges and opportunities in the Fort Wayne area. This includes bicycling, walking, driving, mass transit and more.

Now through June 30, the city’s Community Development division and the Northeastern Indiana Regional Coordinating Council (NIRCC) are conducting an Active Transportation Survey to study current and potential bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure around town. (Take it here!) In the broader region, Community Transportation Network (CTN) is launching a series of public meetings on transportation needs and obstacles, alongside a six-minute survey of its own, open through June 30.

Tomorrow, the NIRCC is hosting yet another public meeting on transportation, this time for its 2045 Draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan, aimed at outlining the future of transportation in the Fort Wayne area for the next 22 years. The meeting to view documents and offer input is Wednesday, from 4:30-6:30 p.m., at Citizens Square (the Omni Room, #045).

So what’s the deal with all of the transportation talk, and what do you actually need to know to be an informed local citizen?

We sat down with Dan Avery, Executive Director of the NIRCC, to find out.

The need for improved bicycle infrastructure, like more bike racks, is one hot topic in local transportation.

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